Friends are showing: North Bristol Art Trail 2021

It’s the North Bristol Art Trail’s 20th anniversary. Here are some of the Friends of the RWA showing art this year…


By Laurel Smart

 The artists are excited to be able to invite you back into their venues on 27 and 28 November (10am-6pm), and this year they also have a spectacular Virtual Trail. As usual, the Friends of the RWA are well represented…


Jane Boot (Venue 17)

Jane Boot – ‘Twilight Moon’

Many of you will know Jane: she has been Chair of the FRWA for five years. Originally Jane worked in collage, then watercolour and now she will often combine both with her more recent explorations into acrylic. She produces haunting abstract landscapes from her imagination.

Jane says her starting point is very random, beginning with some collage, oil pastels and graphite. Layers slowly develop and constantly change until she reaches the finished painting. See Jane’s work at venue 17 in the Redland mini trail.


Suzanne Ewart (Venue 41)

Suzanne Ewart – ‘Take a Walk’

Suzanne was a committee member for 3 years, helping organise Academician talks. Originally a graphic artist she now enjoys the freedom of painting for herself, often producing beautiful atmospheric landscapes and figures. She is a versatile artist working in acrylic, oil and watercolour. She works from observation using sketches and photographs as a starting point which allows the work to develop its own style. You can see Suzanne’s work at venue 41 in the Bishopston mini trail.


Laurel Smart (Venue 43)

Laurel Smart – Beneath the Surface’

Laurel is a committee member and contributes to many Floating Circle articles. Her dynamic, colourful abstracts are generally large scale and full of intrigue. Laurel’s work often develops unintended resonances that capture the imagination and she loves the fact that different people develop their own interpretations of her work. Laurel’s paintings are equally at home in a gallery or filling a domestic space with energy and joy. See Laurel’s work at venue 43 in the Bishopston mini trail.


Georgina Thornton-Parr (Venue 5)

Georgina Thornton-Parr – ‘Years and Years’

Georgina is a long-standing Friend of the RWA. She is an abstract painter, inspired by colour and interested in creating intuitive, vibrant work.  Her beautiful paintings explore the communicative nature of colour and form. By using a combination of bold colours, layering, mark making, shapes and the elements of pattern, Georgina develops a visual language which evokes a connection for herself and the viewer. See Georgina’s work at venue 5 in the Henleaze mini trail.


Liam Roome (Venue 5)

Liam Roome – ‘Tanuki Skull’

Liam Roome’s work encompasses drawing, print, sculpture and video. Recurring themes are space & architecture, the banal & the overlooked, systems, humour, dishonesty and laborious process. His current works are predominantly pen drawings. Liam has the first ever digital sculpture displayed in the North Bristol Artists virtual gallery. You can see Liam’s work at venue 5 in the Henleaze mini trail.


Lee Cox (Venue 23)

Lee Cox – Figurine candle holders

Lee Cox was a filmmaker for many years and was responsible for a film about the RWA’s Rolinda Sharples. Lee has now returned to ceramics. Her beautiful bowls, jugs and humorous figures are part of the group show in the amazing Future Leap on the Gloucester Road/Zetland Road junction. See Lee’s work at venue 23, in the Ashley Down mini trail.


Lyn Harradine (Venue 16)

Lyn has been a Friend of the RWA for many years.  Her artwork consists of paintings and ceramics. Raku is one of her favourite processes and the ceramics sit well with her rugged Cornish landscapes.  Another technique that Lyn enjoys is to emboss porcelain, before it hardens, with lace or crochet made by her grandmother and then apply gold enamel on the rim. See Lyn’s work at venue 16 in the Redland mini trail.


 Visit the website for full details about the North Bristol Art Trail, including a map of the venues and a virtual gallery.



The Friends of the RWA is an independent charity that supports the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol’s first art gallery. 
For just £35 a year Friends can make unlimited visits to RWA exhibitions and enjoy a host of other benefits, as well as making an important contribution to the arts in Bristol and the South West. Find out more and join up here.

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