Focus on: Anthony Garratt

Anthony Garratt is an RWA network artist, known for his vast outdoor installations and canvases. Here’s an illustrated introduction to his work…

by Laurel Smart

Artist Anthony Garratt is well known for his large energetic canvases and for his award winning 2016 painting installation in Snowdonia, “High and Low”. This consists of two enormous canvasses, one floating on the lake and the other buried deep within a mine.

Anthony’s new piece of work is his most ambitious installation yet. Based on Anglesey, North Wales; “To All at Sea” is a collaboration between the artist, structural engineers, data engineers, musicians and a poet.  The piece commemorates the 160th anniversary of the ‘Royal Charter storm’. The Royal Charter was a Steam Clipper en route to Liverpool from Melbourne, tragically wrecked off the coast of Anglesey with the loss of 450 lives.

The ‘To All At Sea’ installation focuses specifically on the influence the storm had on Fitzroy to develop what we now know as the Shipping Forecast.

‘The Royal Charter Storm’ by Anthony Garratt


The painting in situ

‘Art For Good’

If you love Cornwall you could get involved with the “Art For Good” project. Anthony is collaborating with the National Trust and the Newlyn School of Art to try to create aworld record for the largest mass en plein air painting event.

The object is to raise awareness of cliff erosion, and also to raise funds to help the NT build a granite footpath from Lands End to Sennen. Participating artists will stand shoulder to shoulder, forming a continuous line of painters, all painting on the same size substrate. The reverse of the substrate will be painted fluorescent pink and simultaneously these will be held above the participant’s head to form a pink dotted line to be recorded by a drone, the denotation of a footpath on an OS map. The project has already attracted articles by National Newspapers and will feature on BBC National News and also The BBC Travel programme.

Anthony is looking forward to developing the idea of mass painting to communicate messages and causes in the coming years.  As each participant paints they are actively connecting with and dwelling emotionally within an area.

These projects are designed to intrigue and prompt all ages to engage with the environment and weather; and most importantly look up and outward, rather than down.

‘Botallack Study’ – Anthony Garratt


Anthony’s next exhibition of 35 new paintings will be in October. He has his major bi-annual show at Thackeray Gallery in London.

We are not sure how Anthony manages to condense so much creativity into such a short space of time. But we whole heartedly congratulate him and look forward to visiting and being involved in these wonderful innovations.

‘River Poem’ – Anthony Garratt
‘Rapid’ – Anthony Garratt





“To All at Sea”


“Art for Good”


“High and Low”




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