Exhibition preview: Elphick and Elphick Unlimited at the Guild Gallery

Don’t miss this exciting exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Deirdre Elphick and her husband Martin at the Guild Gallery from 22 June…


Deirdre Elphick is a Friend of the RWA and an established artist with a particular love of capturing movement when drawing people, and of colour in both her landscape and abstract paintings.

She studied Foundation Art in Bristol and Fine Art at Winchester School of Art under Gillian Ayre, and won the Corsham Open Art prize in 2018.

Deirdre Elphick – ‘Standing man’ (charcoal)
Deirdre Elphick – ‘Abstract Swing’ (oil)

“Deirdre Elphick’s painting is full of energy and vitality.  She is a brave artist and delights in moving paint around a surface as she comes to terms with the seen experience.   This combined with the luminosity of colour she attains, gives her painting a rich and vibrant energy.” President of the RWA Stewart Geddes

Deirdre Elphick – ‘Casole D’Elsa – Olive Trees’

Meanwhile, Martin Elphick is a sculptor known for his thought-provoking work inspired by natural forms, particularly those of other people and their relationships and place in the world.

He won the Bath Society of Artists’ sculpture prize in 2018 with his abstract bronze ‘Wind and Sea’, and is a co-founder of the Cotswold Sculptors Association. He has studied figurative work in Bath, stone carving at Portland and Naxos, and bronze casting near Oswestry.

Martin Elphick – ‘Wind and Sea’
Martin Elphick – ‘Woman Rising’

In this joint exhibition, ‘Elphick and Elphick Unlimited’, the two artists complement each other in a show united by common themes and interests: in people, movement, landscape and the natural world. Both artists move freely between abstract and figurative work, enjoy using different media, and use both older and contemporary ways of working.

The exhibition statement reads:

We chose the title of our exhibition to celebrate our artistic freedom.

We are at liberty to select our own subject matter and media, and we see no need to identify with any school or ‘ism, or to restrict ourselves to abstract or representational work. Both colour and form are important. We enjoy discovering the potential of different materials. Style emerges naturally. Older and contemporary ways of working are equally valid, like art forms from different parts of the world.

There is an infinite number of ways to portray anything.

We are not a limited company. We are individuals with our own interests and ways of seeing, but we can work together and with others. We have common themes and interests: in people, movement, landscape and the natural world.

We would like others to share our freedom, and choose whatever they will.


Elphick and Elphick Unlimited
Guild Gallery
22/6/2019 to 13/7/2019
Mon to Sat 10:00 – 17:00
68 Park Street Bristol BS1 5JY


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